co5e – CODESYS Opensource Development

We are free-spirited, passionate and clever developers. CODESYS has captured our ❤️ during our dayjob, so developing for fun using CODESYS came naturally, thus co5e was born.

Fun fact: code 5 is a police code which alludes to our past, a time when we released code under pseudonyms.

co⚡e – CODESYS based Sparkplug™ MQTT edge and host

Sparkplug is an exciting open and free Industrial IoT “killer app” which embeds into standard MQTT. Easy to use, just configure and go. The library does the heavy lifting. Built upon co♻e and co🔗e solutions.

co♻e – A unittest framework for CODESYS

A unit testing framework for CODESYS based systems based on TcUnit. Specially designed for PLC based unit testing.
Easy to use, well-suited for test driven development (TDD), xUnit syntax, xUnit test-reports and easy CI/CD integration into software like Jenkins, GitLab or Azure Devops.

co🔗e – A Linked List Solution

An object oriented Linked lists solution.
Linked Lists are suitable to implement modular and powerful code with ease.